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Proximity WA - Connecting writers, readers and communities across Western Australia.

Writing WA, Western Australia’s peak body for writing and associated activities approached Bam Creative with an idea to help bridge the geographical gap of people in regional locations, to promote and support emerging writers, readers and practitioners to a wider audience.

Through a well-thought-out plan, Proximity WA was established to enable people to discover the literary activities, events and workshops in their local community. The project involved finding solutions to support live video steaming, which aimed to connect people regardless of their physical location.

Bam Creative incorporated Google+ Hangouts to steam live video content, allowing people to connect and participate remotely, and to record content to be publicly viewed on their existing YouTube channel.

The site helps promote festivals in a number of locations state-wide, with a news and events component to make information easily accessible throughout the site.

We're extremely proud of have worked with Writing WA on another project, and if you'd like to see our handy work, please visit