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The Bam Creative Show is brought to you by Western Australia's award-winning digital agency and hosted by Rich, Jess and Josh. With 250+ years of combined desk experience (or thereabouts), we'll be deep-diving into digital strategies, websites, digital marketing, tips and advice that you can use for your business.

If you've got a question or a topic you'd like us to discuss, email us at or tweet us @bamcreative

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Recent Episodes

Email marketing in 2018 - Episode 28

20 Mar 2018

Does email marketing still have an important part to play in 2018? The infamous marketing tool of the 90s is still a valuable way to reach your audience, no matter where they are in the buyer cycle....

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The work/life balance and how to de-stress - Episode 27

13 Mar 2018

This is a raw episode from the podcast team at Bam Creative, as they get real about work/life balance, stress triggers and how to de-stress, as well as the latest news from the digital space....

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How to choose the right CMS for your website - Episode 26

6 Mar 2018

We've been building websites since 2002 (and for most of us, even earlier than that!) so we've got a pretty good idea of what Content Management System (CMS) is going to suit your needs....

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Facebook Advertising in 2018 - Episode 25

21 Feb 2018

With the recent changes to Facebook's organic reach, now is the time to address Facebook advertising and how you can incorporate it into your digital strategy in 2018....

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Our Most Popular Social Media Posts of 2017: Lessons Learned - Episode 24

2 Feb 2018

Before we created a brand new digital marketing strategy for 2018, we wanted to review our top 5 social media posts and content of 2017, across all platforms, and share our lessons learned and actions we can take....

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The State of Social Media 2018: a discussion - Episode 23

23 Jan 2018

With the recent release of Buffer's The State of Social 2018 survey findings, the team delved into the results.

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Our 2018 Content Marketing Strategy - Episode 22

8 Jan 2018

After a break over the festive season, we’re back with the 22nd episode of the Bam Creative Show. We're assessing our content marketing strategy in 2017 and how we can improve and grow it in 2018....

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Startups & Star Wars - Episode XXI (21)

20 Dec 2017

On this episode of The Bam Creative Show, the team talk about the latest hashtag follow feature on Instagram, Snapchat Lenses update, and welcome Miles Burke to talk about Startups....

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Everybody wants to be Snapchat - Episode 20

11 Dec 2017

Facebook is encouraging users to create more video content, Instagram is testing a standalone messaging app, YouTube introduces Reels in Beta, everybody ...

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Black Friday, Amazon Australia & YouTube for Kids - Episode 19

29 Nov 2017

On this episode, we talked about Black Friday and the predictions Adobe made with the spending habits of Americans during the biggest sale event on the calendar....

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The future of voice and an important LinkedIn campaign - Episode 18

22 Nov 2017

On this episode, we talked about the future of voice and what it means for your business, a heartwarming LinkedIn campaign that promotes being yourself ...

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Snapchat changes & LinkedIn content marketing - Episode 17

15 Nov 2017

On this episode, we talked some of the latest social media news about Facebook and Snapchat, answered a listener question and got into some hefty details about LinkedIn content marketing....

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