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David Lim

Digital Producer

David Lim

When you're full, it's time for dessert

David Lim

David graduated from Curtin University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication) specialising in Internet Communications and Multimedia. Growing as a native online, David has tried his hand in all sorts of web media including a short lived attempt at YouTube stardom and now serves as an awesome project manager here at Bam Creative.

Outside of work David has a passion for Japanese culture, deeply immersing himself in anime and manga while learning to speak the Japanese language bit by bit. He shares his brother Robert’s love for basketball, tennis and working on his car – though he never quite made it into the golf scene.

While not a coffee drinker himself, he’s a star in the barista art form, striving to raise morale (and energy!) for the rest of the team.