Are you suffering from an under-performing website? That is, you have a website but it's just sitting idle and not generating inquiries for you?

It could be as simple as a few changes.

We were recently engaged by a small Perth legal practice who needed to do something about their small ten page website, which had remained untouched for a few years. They were getting no inquiries, and sadly saw their website as just a cost in their P&L.

A fairly typical scenario for many Western Australian small businesses.

We quickly discovered was they had no search engine rankings for their target keywords. That is, the phrases people would search for, to find their competitors. We need this site to appear in Google for these phrases if we want it to be found by their target market.

With a little work, we changed their website content, added a few additional pages, made some minor code changes and in less than six weeks, we have seen a dramatic shift.

In fact, their top ten keywords have gone from not appearing in the first 20 pages at all, to appearing in the first three pages, four keywords of which now enjoy the exposure of being on the first page. This has equated to an increase of visitors to their website from less than 10 a day in December 2014, to an average of 63 a day for the first week of March. A whopping 500% increase in traffic.

They didn't need to spend tens of thousands on creating a brand new state-of-the-art website to attract inquiries; they just needed good, honest, advice and some elbow grease.

Sometimes it is literally the small things that matter. In this case, they needed to change the words that appeared on their website.

Spend a moment, and ask yourself these five simple questions;

  1. Have I looked at my website content in the last three months?
  2. Do I know what keywords I should rank for to be found by my target audience?
  3. Is my website actually useful for this audience?
  4. Does my website encourage inquiries and can they find my contact details easily?
  5. Am I happy with the amount of inquiries I am receiving?

If your answer to any of the five questions above is no, then you need to get on with changing this. Speak to your existing website developers or digital agency, or if you want a second opinion, we would be happy to have a chat at no charge and no obligation to you. Get in touch with us, and stop putting up with an under-performing website.