Unless you've been hiding under a rock in the past decade, you will have heard about digital strategy as a part of a holistic approach to business planning. If you have been under that rock, then it's time to come out. The world isn't changing. It already has, and businesses need to fully embrace all modes of operation if they want to keep ahead of the curve.

StrategyIt doesn't matter if you're using an internal digital strategist, or if you're outsourcing to an agency. The deal is the same. If you don't know at least the basics, you're going to be very confused, very quickly.

So, what is digital strategy?
There are some who would argue that it is the selective planning of online communications, goals and opportunities in order to affect greater benefits to yiur organisation. Others would use simpler terms, calling it the use of digital tools, channels and products to achieve a goal and/or goals. We prefer an even simpler defintion:

Looking at what your organisation wants to achieve, and seeing how digital tools can help with that.

A good digital strategist will look at what you have addressed as the desired goals of your organisation and will address the path to tread in order to achieve those outcomes. Be that through an email marketing campaign, a social media presence, or optimisation to your website, the results are the focus.

If you have met with a strategist who has suggest you start up on social media, "...because everyone is on there..." then they are not doing their job. There should be a reason for your organisation to be there, beyond joining all the cool kids, otherwise it's wasted time, effort and money. Unless it clearly works toward your goals, it isn't helping you.

Just as two businesses are not exactly the same, no two digital strategies can ever be the same. Time changes and what once seemed to be a good idea may turn out to be a poor choice. That's why each client should be approached as requiring an individual strategy, and each campaign needs to be regularly assessed and changed as required.

At Bam Creative, we sit down with each client to learn their particular organisation's background, goals, and budget. We then look at how we can combine various online compenents to achieve those goals and have the path there measurable for the client. Communication is key to ensuring a good relationship, and we keep our clients in the loop with regular reporting on their various campaigns, giving them the ability to see the statistics as we do. Transparency in our methods is the extra level of service we offer to ensure our clients know that we are sticking to the plan.

With the increasing saturation of online tools in our everyday lives, both personal and business, it is crazy to think that a group today can exist without including digital strategies as part of a more holistic business approach.