We've been getting great results with Facebook advertising campaigns, and wanted to share some of our insights on building target audiences to display advertising within Facebook.

In this post, we'll cover promoting your services or products to three distinct audiences; previous enquiries or customers, previous website visitors and people who like specific Facebook pages.

Previous prospects or customers

For example, if you've got a list of email addresses or phone numbers from previous enquiries or your customer database, and have a new product or service on offer, or you just want to remind these previous contacts about your business offering.

We can import your telephone or email address data into the Facebook Advertising platform, and display advertising within Facebook just for the users that have either of these details set in their account. For example, you may be offering a special discount for previous purchasers, or have a sale on for a week or month. Whatever the objective, the amount of people who have viewed your advertisement, and those who have performed an action, such as clicking on your website or liking your Facebook page is easily reported back to you.

Previous website visitors

Your website receives traffic, but do you feel that it's not converting enough leads or sales? We can display advertising within Facebook just for those people who have been to your website recently.

Let's say you're a home builder. It's fairly certain that the majority of people visiting your website are interested in building a home, and are doing some online comparison. What better way to reinforce your campaign message, by showing an advertisement within Facebook within hours or days of their visit to your website? This campaign could draw these users to a specific offer just for them.

Advanced Interest targeting

We've been able to target audiences based on broad interests for quite some time, but are you aware we can also target specific page audiences? Say you're in the market to provide accounting services to small business owners in Perth. You could target advertising to users who have liked pages that are related to Perth small business management.

It's one thing to target these users, and we can certainly report on the amount of users who clicked on your advertisement and visited your Facebook page or website, however you may not be aware we can take that a step further, and report on how many people actually completed a form or made a purchase as well.

For example, we run a campaign which gets 5,000 views. From these 5,000 users, 100 people click on your advertisement. From those 100 clicks, we track that 25 of them completed your enquiry form. This means we're now able to accurately measure the campaign ROI.  Say the campaign cost $58.00. That equates to 58 cents per visitor who clicked on your advertisement, or $2.32 per enquiry. You don't need a maths degree to figure out that that's $2.32 well spent, if the average new customer nets you a few hundred dollars!

To find out how to use Facebook advertising in your specific situation, get in touch with us for a no obligation discussion. We'll make you a fresh coffee, run through your options, analyse your objectives and give you honest advice and a proposal if you wish to proceed.