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Content Marketing

Engage and retain a defined audience with valuable, shareable content that reaches your prospects and customers using blogs, podcasts, video and social media.

Content marketing works to connect with your audience at various stages of their buyer cycle, encouraging them to convert. It’s about delivering the right message at the right time to the right people.

By creating content to connect with your audience, you can connect with them at various stages of their buyer cycle whether it’s to educate, inform and empower them make their decision.


How Content Marketing can grow your business

The end goal of effective Content Marketing is to create content that your readers/listeners/viewers will want to share and subscribe to your content, which in turn builds your business.

What you need is a strategy to create the right formula to make sure you’re consistently present.

What can Content Marketing do for you?

  • Increase your brand’s visibility on various social media platforms and publications to increase brand awareness

  • Grow your website’s visibility in search engine rankings

  • Connect with your audience by creating targeted content, specifically catering to their stage in the buyer cycle

  • Increase the potential for leads


An increase in site traffic for Exactus Homes

Exactus Homes were looking to revamp their site content to appeal to DIY renovators as well as people who want to extend their home but don’t know where to start.

A complete overhaul of their site content and structure was required and based on target market and keyword research, we created a content marketing strategy incorporating written content.

After two months of publishing the updated content, there has been an impressive change in their site traffic and conversions.

  • 18% increase in site sessions
  • 24% increase in site users
  • 18% increase in organic traffic
  • 30% increase in average time on site


Creating your Content Marketing strategy

Your Content Marketing Strategy will be created by our dedicated in-house digital marketing team, who will do a deep-dive on your business, your competitors, your target audience and your brand, all with your goals in mind.

It means that you’ll have a streamlined Content Marketing Strategy, constantly working to build your audience.

Strategy elements

Depending on your requirements and your goals, your Content Marketing Strategy may include:

  • Comprehensive keyword and content research to determine your content plan

  • Competition content research to get an edge over your competition

  • Research on your target audience, creating a roadmap of content to create for them at different stages of the buyer cycle

  • Defined goals and metrics for each piece of content, allowing you to easily track content results

  • A defined plan for how pillars of content will be used in your strategy, using audio, visual and written content

  • An initial content distribution calendar that will outline platforms and types of content to be published on different platforms. This calendar will evolve over time based on data and your goals

  • Specifically created content for brand reputation management

  • Reporting results, based on your goals and objectives

Your results

Your results will be defined from the beginning of your campaign, with your dedicated Account Manager working with you to define your goals. Those metrics will form the basis of your report, which will also incorporate recommendations to ensure that you’re constantly reviewing and producing relevant and valuable content that works to builds your audience.


Your next steps

If you’d like to find out more or discuss your project, give us a call on (08) 9228 2233 or send us an email.