However, it all goes to waste if there is no good website copywriting. A well-written copy is what keeps people hooked on to your website. After all, you only have your reader’s attention for just a matter of seconds before they decide whether they want to stay or leave for a more informative website. In a world where time is important, people do not have time to explore each website they searched for. They want every single information possible attained as quickly as possible.

Many tend to neglect the importance of good website copywriting and go onto focusing solely on design without realising that website copy and a good design both go together into highlighting the website. To help you with your website copywriting, here are some useful tips that you can follow.

Avoiding that marketing cliché

Littering your website with meaningless phrases and business jargons does not win over customers. Using phrases such as, “We shine because you shine,” gives your website copy a misleading message whereby leaving your customers to question your professionalism - so, avoid fluff.

Throw away these lines and instead convince your customers by mentioning the prospects of your unique selling proposition on the business website in a well-crafted manner that talks about the benefits of your product or service.

Using original copy that is loved by Google

There is nothing more powerful than good website copywriting when it comes to strong SEO ranking. Bumping your website up on search engine results can prove to be quite tricky but if done correctly it can lead to massive traffic on your website.

Stuffing pointless keywords throughout your website copy is not the Holy Grail of being Google’s number one, but instead strategically placing keywords throughout your website’s content is what speaks originality to Google.

Correcting your grammar and punctuation

There are cases when you forget that punctuation mark, misspell a word or make a typo error when the letters are placed so near each other on the keyboard. This looks messy and unprofessional. Where on the other hand, in today’s modern contexts (such as texting and social media) these minor details may seem unnecessary.

However, you must be aware that there are some out there who stalk your website to point out weaknesses. Therefore, don’t take that risk and get your website copy to be proofread from a professional copywriter or check it on in order to ensure your copy does not look amateur as it puts your visitors off.


Writing convincing copy that sells your website

Every sentence mentioned in your copy should showcase what your product or service offers and delivers instead of story-telling with needless information that will test your visitor’s patience. Your copy should be compelling and be able to convince the visitor with a reason to stay on the page and explore the website.

Using phrases such as, “Learn how to,” can make the content on your page count where, you are highlighting your offer rather than ruthlessly trying to hammer on the words to make a value statement. If this useful tip is put into use as your daily mantra then you could really master the art of good website copywriting.

Making your content worthy of sharing

Good website copy is identified with the number of shares it gains, that is, more informative your content, the more shares you get online. Similarly, when we see something on Facebook that captures our interest we want to immediately share it with our friends, the same is true for good website copy. Try to increase shares in order to increase visitors on your website.

Structuring your website design with copy

Last but not the least, another useful tip for a good website copywriting is to toss out “lorem ipsum” from your design process as much as possible. Designing without a goal is like building a box before you know what is to be placed inside. Consider this quote from Jeffrey Zeldman:

“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, its decoration.”

Throw in your website copy first without design and then put everything in place. This will show that your website is original and your content will be structured on the page in a way that it will highlight the primary message to your visitors.   

Mindmap for Website
Mindmap for Website


To recap on good website copywriting skills, here are the useful points:

  • Avoiding that marketing cliché
  • Using original copy that is loved by Google
  • Correcting your grammar and punctuation
  • Writing convincing copy that sells your website
  • Making your content worthy of sharing
  • Structuring your website design with copy

The goal of a well-designed website is to marry well with its content. If you want to do good website copywriting then make sure of writing your content – accurate, concise, SEO friendly, original and well-structured.

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