One in particular is its strong content. Still, many don’t have this and although content is becoming a pillar in the entrepreneurial, business and marketing worlds, it can go undone or sloppily. So with growing amounts of content being uploaded, perhaps it’s time to think as to why every website project should have a content editor.

Producing poor content onto a website is more than common. Particularly among new companies and startups. They rush to get a website up, without putting much thought into what’s actually on there. That’s because much of their team have other things to do. Things that are more specialised to them.

You have developers, designers, accounts people, sales people, directors and everything in-between. They have enough on their plate, so asking them to write for the website or go over and proof parts of the website could be a timely endeavor.

The reason being, is that they no doubt will push the editing of a few words further and further down their to-do list. For a few reasons, maybe because they have more pressing issues, or they are avoiding it because it’s not their normal job or whatever else.

The bottom line is, having one of your developers (for example) proof read, correct and sort out the page SEO would be an uphill battle. By providing great website content, you can reach people in a way that isn’t selling, but engaging. This is what you want.

So think about it, if you’re putting out content. Wouldn’t you want to have a content editor on board? Well, here are our reasons why we believe every website project should have a content editor on their team.

Content Editor

Smoother process

A solid reason why every website project should have a content editor is that it speeds up the whole process in the office. Having this person on board can do a lot of things. Remember the example before, about how a developer wouldn’t take time out to edit something because they already have a full schedule? Well, imagine if that person and every other employee of yours could focus on their job?

It’d be great. So having a content editor on the team can take the burden off of them, letting everyone else focus on what they do well. All the while, this is what the editor does well. They can write and they can edit.

Their own specialty will help smooth the process of updating content. Allowing you to have a highly effective website and team that not only develops great content, but also manages it.

Specialist in the field

Obviously when you hire somebody for a role, you want them to know how to do it and do it well. Content editing is no different because the person you hire, will know what they’re doing (if you’ve done the hard work and made a great hire!).

Because the editor will be a professional and capable in their field of work, you know that the quality of work they do will be of a high standard. Since your workplace may be different from their last, give them some time to settle in. However, when they do, you’ll be sure to see significant improvements from your previous website with no editor.

Because of understandings in a range of programs, theories and methods, your website will be at the cutting edge of the industry. All the while, being optimised and efficient.

Objective perspective

Sure a good website project content editor should be able to not only edit, but also write. However, their role is firstly, to edit. And if someone else has written the content, they are then coming into it with an objective perspective.

They will have a good understanding of the project, knowing the client, their needs and goals, key audiences and website objectives. Having this information and coming in with ‘fresh eyes’ is a huge advantage for you and your website.

They’ll be able to fix the small details, make it potentially more readable and without preconceived notions.

Content Editor

Web reader understanding

Having a team member who’s aware of people’s reading patterns is an absolute asset. Knowing the patterns and viewing habits of media (online and otherwise) is a powerful tool. Allowing the writer to write in such a way that helps the reader and gets great engagement.

As we learnt from the Jakob Neilsen Eye Tracking Study, we know that the further down the page we go, the less people read. Until it gets to a break in copy or a new heading. There is a very distinct “F-shape” pattern that we know people do. A good content editor uses this to their advantage. Either editing in such a way that optimises the copy, or sets it out on the website in such a way that optimises the page.

Understanding of programs

Another great reason every website project should have a content editor is because their wide range of skills. A content editor doesn’t merely skim through your website and order changes for you to do. They jump onto your website, navigate around the back end, changing, optimising and making everything as effective as possible. It’s because of their skills that this happens.

A great editor doesn’t just read. They have a sound understanding of SEO, WordPress, basic coding skills and obviously reading and editing. It’s because of their arsenal of knowledge of such programs, that they can provide such a strong service to you and your company.


Every website project should have a content editor, for a variety of reasons. Because at the end of the day, they can make for a highly effective team, website and project. For me, the best reason is that it speeds up and smoothens out the office operation. Using a content editor from the beginning allows for the project to stay on schedule from start to finish. Building their role into the whole working process enables everyone to do what they do best and enjoy their work time more.