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VisAbility have provided innovative, life-changing services to people living with disabilities for over 10 years. In line with their refreshed brand strategy, VisAbility required a website which is beautiful, accessible and usable as a resource for individuals with a range of disabilities. As Bam Creative have partnered with VisAbility since 2010, we were delighted to take on this challenge.

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The VisAbility website

Roughly 1 in 5 Australians are affected by some form of disability.

It is important to us, and to VisAbility, to make websites as open and accessible as possible. Despite making up a significant portion of the population, impaired website visitors are often not considered in creating an online experience. Our challenge for this project was to reach a high standard of inclusive design, ensuring that the VisAbility website empowers users rather than frustrating them.

A fresh design

Expanding on VisAbility's refreshed brand persona and voice, we took the opportunity to help shape the brand identity in the new website and beyond.

A secondary colour palette and new typography treatment was introduced to create a design that is positive, invigorating and confident. Expressive imagery and strong typography with touches of the secondary colour palette were used to break up large quantities of text for an easy and interesting reading experience.

Stories of independence

Built on the Wordpress content management system, the new VisAbility website brings focus to the stories of those helped by VisAbility through the blog.

These stories are a vital part of the overall brand strategy, showing real people and the challenges that they face.

Putting honest and raw storytelling front and centre was decided on to create a real connection with website users, and encourage them to share their own story.

Blog posts
High contrast mode

Extra contrast

To aid website visitors who need a higher level of contrast or are sensitive to glare, a switching function was set up to render the entire website in high contrast mode. The selection is remembered when returning to the website, ensuring a comfortable and seamless experience for these users.

Bam Creative did a fantastic job at bringing to life our new website, a website that uses storytelling to create meaningful connections with our clients and community. The team interpreted our creative brief cleverly and intuitively, which meant we could leave them to 'do their thing.' The result is a great staring point for us to further develop emotional connections in an online context.

Clare, VisAbility

An accessible future

We strongly support VisAbility's positive message and efforts, and thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to create a website that can help empower those with disabilities.


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