If you follow us on Facebook (and we really think you should!) you may be aware that we've been posting a different digital marketing term for each letter of the alphabet. Over the last month, we have posted the letters G, H, I, J, K, L and M. We've reposted them below for those who missed them.

G is for Goal

Set yourself a few digital marketing goals for the months ahead. Instead of 'grow likes to my page', think about 'Increase engagement with my audience' or 'Attract 20% more enquiries through my website' and then set yourself a few tasks to get there. Check in on how close your goals are regularly, and revise when required. Goals aren't set and forget, great goals need regular review.

H is for Hook

What motivates your audience to make an enquiry or complete an action? Using calls to action, sometimes referred to as 'hooks', means ensuring your content helps lead your audience to 'the next step'. Don't just post information about your organisation, invite enquiries through better content and a well-considered design.

I is for Interact

Digital marketing, in particular, social media, isn't about broadcasting; it's about interacting. Great campaigns involve audience as well as organisation participation. Ask your audience for feedback and then reply on the same platform. Interaction is a two way street - your input will be well received!

J is for Junk mail

Like spam? Nor do we! You'll certainly not want to be perceived as a spammer either, so make sure you understand the Australian 'Spam Act 2003' and how this affects who you can send email marketing messages to, and what these campaigns should contain. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) have a great page listing the key elements of the act, you can find it here.

K is for Keyword

The first step in search engine optimisation (a fancy way of saying 'improving where your website appears in search engine results') is keyword research. You may believe you know what people would search to find your organisation, however do you really know? We undertake keyword research using a variety of tools, and ensure we avoid 'gut feel' and we use relevant real statistics. Once determined, ensure your website content features these keywords prominently.

L is for Lost

Great website design ensures your users don't end up lost within your website. Clear navigation items, prominent breadcrumbs and multiple ways to navigate or uncover content are crucial to the success of many websites. How many times have you felt bewildered whilst navigating another website? Make sure you take a good hard look at your own, and avoid the same mistakes.

M is for Meme

A meme is defined as an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations. We've seen some great memes over the recent years, think Chuck Norris, Grumpy Cat and the like. Show your organisation has a personality by jumping on the band wagon and joining in. For example, last year we created our own Harlem Shake video for a laugh. It cost nothing; half an hour of time and a borrowed video camera, and has had over 3,500 views. See the results here.

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