Over on our Facebook page, we have been posting the alphabet of digital marketing. If you've only just tuned in, you can catch earlier episodes of our series here and here. In this blog post we give you the letters N, O, P, Q, R and S. If you've missed the earlier portions of our series, you can find them here and here.

N is for Needs

Do you understand what your target audience actually needs? Whilst it's great to push your own goals on them, you have to ensure you help satisfy your users' needs. If it's information, support, service or even products, ensure that you allow your audience to get to their chosen content or application quickly and easily.

O is for Obvious

There's nothing worse than making your content so difficult to read or understand, that users miss the plain obvious. Want to sell widgets? Have a link on every page of your website with 'Buy widgets'. Same goes for contact information; we see time and again, contact details being hidden so deep within a website, we expect that nobody ever contacts the organisation.

P is for Pivot

A well-known term in the start-up world, to pivot is to radically change direction. Find your digital marketing campaign isn't working? Don't be afraid to bite the bullet and pivot; often we find that testing out radically different strategies is the only way you'll ever improve.

Q is for Question

Those that succeed often question everything. Why do we do this? Why do customers not want this product? Why aren't we getting the conversions we expected? How can we change to be more attractive to our target market? Ask yourself questions regularly, and don't be afraid to ask your customers. The age-old 'How can we help you better?' is a great ice breaker with existing clients.

R is for Remarketing

Imagine being able to follow up with people who have visited your website, or visited a particular page. Remarketing makes this a reality. Clever remarketing builds brand and encourages reconnection.

S is for Split testing

A single page is never perfect. Using split testing, we can test variants on audiences, and improve conversion rates. Once chosen, create further variations, and look to continue improvement. It's as easy as that! Split testing can radically change the percentage of people who engage with you through planning and testing.

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