If you've been following our Facebook page, and there's no good reason why you wouldn't, you will have noticed we've been posting the alphabet of digital marketing. This blog post concludes our alphabet, with the letters, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z.

If you've only just tuned in, you can catch earlier editions of our alphabet here, here, and here.

T is for Tail

Using the 'long tail' strategy popularised by Chris Anderson in 2004, organisations are winning the digital marketing game by focussing on smaller niche content or products, and getting a longer, less competitive result. Instead of targeting 'business Melbourne' try targeting 'business services St Kilda' and building a longer, slower approach for this phrase.

U is for Uniform

Not the ones you wear, but the user interface. Nothing screams amateur more than a website which changes radically between pages. Keeping a uniform layout and design ensures brand consistency, and keeps the user calm and collected. Making them confused in different sections by changing navigation or layout may look creative but is poor planning and execution.

V is for Viral

Everyone wants to live in the utopian world that their latest product video goes 'viral' and is seen by millions. This is a pipe dream for most, and virality isn't something you just switch on, or create. Study viral marketing in your space and learn lessons, but don't write a brief that states 'Must be viral'.

W is for Website

No matter what digital marketing you do, don't overlook the importance of your website. Think of it as the centre of your campaign, and don't ignore it. Must haves include responsive design (mobile optimised), clear compelling content and calls to action. Don't hide those contact details, either!

X is for X-ray

If we had the ability to x-ray our audience for their consumer intent, we'd live in a dreamworld. We can get close to this by using clever testing, tracking and metrics. How far do you understand your target audience? Can you learn more about them and how they tick?

Y is for You

Too many campaigns seem wrongly focussed on the 'you', not the 'me'. It's WIIFM (What's In It For Me?) not WIIFY. Spend less time talking about yourself, and more time on talking with your audience. Being you-focused makes you look madly egotistical and studies prove this doesn't work.

Z is for Zest

Enthusiasm is contagious; applying a positive tone to your content encourages a positive audience. Studies show that positive social media messaging is more likely to be interacted with than negative. Keep the negativity out of your messaging and focus on the positive, always.

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