One of the big inhibitors to improving your digital marketing is time. We hear it every day; 'I just don't have enough time to look at that'. It's crazy when you think about it; if you improved your digital marketing, and promoted your organisation better, you would create more income and therefore have the internal or external resources to offload some of your workload to others to deal with.

Here's our suggestion. It's actually really simple. Use the lean productivity model, and set aside an hour a week starting next week, to spend concentrating on your digital marketing. Add it to your outlook calendar, or whatever email program you use, call it 'Digital Marketing Hour', and set it to recurring. Do as much as you can in that hour, and make sure you stick to the same time every week; eventually, it will become a habit.

Digital Marketing Calendar

Now that we've created a recurring weekly event in our calendar, let's use that first hour to collate details of all your marketing and put it in a spread sheet. Here's an example of how this may look

Digital Marketing Schedule


Notice the 'last reviewed' column? This is the all-important one. It isn't last posted or viewed; it's the last time you seriously spent an hour looking into how to further optimise that channel, or reading up on the latest research (we can recommend you start with our Facebook page, and this blog of course).

For example, here's a good way to spend just 60 minutes once a week.

05 min - review recent posts or interactions

10 min - review metrics or statistics provided with channel; what is working and what isn't?

15 min - read up on recent tips and articles on subject

25 min - create some to do items (and add to spread sheet next to channel) and start crossing them off

05 min - update spread sheet with pertinent info, and save

Within weeks, you'll feel like you are back in control of your digital marketing, as a result you'll be happier and more confident you are heading in the right direction. If you feel you aren't getting enough time to tackle these to do items you are building, then either delegate them to someone else, outsource them to an agency (we'd be happy to chat!) or consider trying to squeeze a little more time into each week for yourself.

Good luck with your renewed digital marketing productivity!