the perfect internet

The internet is rushing towards being personally relevant.

Only news items you're interested in will be shown to you, only contacts you care about will surface on social media, only advertising you may react to will be shown to you. Everything else is irrelevant.

We see the evolution taking place right now; amongst social networks, search engines and advertising placements. Phone applications are becoming smarter with what you are actually interested in, not just what box you tick to say you have an interest.

To market in the future is to be relevant to your target audience. Building relevance and relationships is now more important than ever.

Be a destination, not a roadblock.

About this post

The above is an excerpt from our 12 Truths of Digital Marketing book, which was published in late 2014. Although the physical book is now out-of-print, you can get an electronic copy by subscribing to the Bam Digital monthly newsletter.

To find out more about the 12 Truths book, we've written about it on this post: The Making of 12 Truths.