Everyone loves a good life hack. From ways to remove stubborn stains from your carpet, to tips for organising your kitchen, I’m sure you’ve probably read it all. Something you may not have read up on is brain hacks.

That’s right, brain hacks.

It’s like a life hack, but for your brain. Have you ever struggled to come up with an idea for something?

Ever sat staring at a blank page for hours unable to connect concepts to produce something awesome?

Well, you now can get those creative juices flowing using some of the insanely simple methods outlined by Denise Jacobs in her talk “Hacking the creative brain”.

About Denise Jacobs

Denise Jacobs is known as many things. An author, a public speaker, and a Creativity Evangelist just to name a few. She’s written books, conducted workshops, and spoken at conferences worldwide about how to get the most out of your creative brain.

Denise Jacobs



The amazing thing about her talks is that her methods actually work! From superhero poses, to the neuroscience behind creativity, Denise has captivated and inspired audience after audience with her helpful hacks.


Hacking the Creative Brain 

Some of the Bam Creative team had the pleasure of listening to Denise Jacobs’ extremely inspirational talk on “Hacking the Creative Brain” on the second day of Web Directions 2015. A common misconception is that only certain people are born with the skill to be creative, but that’s simply not true. Jacobs took us through some ridiculously easy methods of getting the most out of your creative brain that absolutely everybody can do. 

Creativity is magical, but it’s not magic

One method to promote creativity taught was adopting a “Power stance” to summon confidence and get the creative juices flowing. Denise got the audience out of their seats, asked everyone to close their eyes and take form of the best superhero pose they could possible muster.

Theory goes that after 15 seconds of posing, you feel more confident, calmer, and ready to go into a creative state. She also explained some of the neuroscience behind creativity, dispelled the left-brain/right-brain myth, and went through some common thought patterns that often derail creativity.

hacking the creative breain

The concept of “Imposter Syndrome” was introduced in Denise’s talk, and it really resonated as something very common, especially amongst individuals in the web industry. Imposter Syndrome is the phenomenon of being unable to internalise your accomplishments.

It’s characterised by feeling like you’re underqualified or a fraud, especially compared to others in the same field and the phenomenon is often exhibited by high achievers. Denise encouraged the audience to avoid comparisons at all costs, because often skills, and achievements cannot be quantifiably compared.

Don’t compare your inside to someone else’s outside

In Summary

Through listening to Denise’s talk on Hacking the creativity brain, we’ve understood that creativity isn’t a gift for a special few. That in actuality, it is a skill accessible to everyone, and that you just have to know how to “turn it on”. As a result, we’ve learnt that feeling more confident in your ability to “be” creative, is one of the best ways to inspire creative flow.

Nothing is more detrimental to your own creative ability than your own self-doubts. So stand up, do a super hero pose, and convince yourself that you’re awesome, because let’s face it, you probably are.