As part of the Edge of the Web conference, held today, 25 March 2015, our MD, Miles Burke, spoke about the need for a Lean Digital Brief.

There are too many times where we, as an agency of some 13 years history, see briefs fall into two traps;

The very simple brief. This is self-explanatory, often literally an email with 'How much for a campaign/website? or a text message (yes, that's happened). This brief leaves too much to interpretation, and gives little value to both the client and supplier.

The very complex brief. This one is a doozy. Some poor soul has spent hours, if not days, developing a small novel on what their organisation needs. The issue here is that it takes their potential suppliers hours, if not days, to respond. The costs of doing so are invariably added to the project.

So, where's the middle ground? A three page brief that gives enough information to help with supplier selection and helps translate your needs in a succinct form. This provides many benefits;

  • Takes less time to author (therefore is cheaper for you)
  • Translates your real needs to prospective suppliers
  • Allows for an intelligent and well-considered response
  • Provides you with a 'yard stick' to use during the project

The latest version of the Lean Digital Brief template and associated documents can be downloaded using the following links;

Have any feedback? Something we need to absolutely add or have anything else to add? Find us on Twitter via @bamcreative or the author Miles Burkeat @milesb

Best of luck creating a great lean digital brief!