That's the age old adage that many people are aware of, but rarely ever include in their plans to achieve their goals. In moving forward here at Bam Creative, a great deal of our focus has become digital strategy. Websites and email addresses are now as common place as a phone or fax number on each and every company's business card. But what helps make a good website great? Knowing your target.

A/B testing (also called split testing) is one way of achieving that goal, it places one approach against another. Only by trying different techniques and approaches can we evolve (or in this case your digital presence). Recently I have been involved in both email and website split testing and found results to be both interesting and varied.

If you're reading this post and you are a client of ours you may or may not be familiar with BamMAIL. A/B campaigns are just one of its awesome tools. Generally speaking getting high open and click rates are the goals of a good email campaign. With A/B testing we can test content and design changes, and see the impact they have on opens or goals, such as clicks or replies.

We've experienced a growth in the number of opens and clicks over time by fine tuning a number of these factors, either on their own or together. We've learnt a number of tricks with content, such as the sender email address, various subject lines and even altering the arrangement of the content that is presented in the email, that can have a profound effect on the final results of an email.

With more people using email then the web, you'd be silly not to give it a try and get your message even further. Further facts you may find interesting include:

  • Including the word "exclusive" in email promotional campaigns increases boosts unique open rates by 14% (Experian).
  • B2B emails with 1 or 2 words in their subject lines are opened at a higher rate than those with more (Yesware)
  • Too many emails (69%) and content that is no longer relevant (56%) are the top reasons people unsubscribe from emails (Chadwick Martin Bailey).

But what about websites I hear you say? Let's concentrate on two variables, design and content. We've run such testing on client sites (as well as our own), using BamCMS. Firstly, we setup pages accessible only by URL and emailed test groups the current versus proposed content/design updates. In cooperation with other reporting tools such as heat maps and analytics we can paint a clear picture of just how successful your website can be.

Don't you think it's time to begin working smarter and not harder? Get in touch and we'll have your website and email doing just that.

- Dean Robbins, Designer, Bam Creative.