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Show notes

On this episode, we talked about some of the latest happenings on social media platforms, answered a listener question, talked about free SEO tools to use and went deep into the Batman universe.

Please note that during the recording of this episode, the temperature was hitting the mid 30s, which made our recording room nice and toasty. The air-conditioner goes on and off, adding a nice, gentle breeze sound in the background. It's not you. It's us.

Episode highlights

  • Twitter rolled out #280characters today. We talked about what happened during the trial period, and the public backlash over the banning of Rose McGowan's account.
  • Snapchat took a beating on the stock market during Q3, and they're planning to switch things up by making the app easier to use and introducing an algorithm.
  • How people are consuming more video content and skimming the rest.
  • Chatbots are taking over! Facebook are trialing a Facebook Messenger plugin for your website, meaning that your customers can talk directly to your chatbot. Will bots take over email marketing and human to human customer service?
  • Facebook are increasing the paid posts in your pages feed, meaning that businesses that rely on an organic strategy are in a bit of trouble. We share tips on what you can do to get on top of this, with a limited budget.
  • We answer a listener question: I have got a very limited budget, so I'm going to have to do some digital marketing myself but I need guidance. How can I break down what I can do myself and what I should pay for?
  • A review of free SEO tools you can use to create your own on-page SEO strategy, leading into off-site. We talk tools for looking for keywords, checking out technical SEO issues and backlinks.
  • We talked Tekken, Terminator, Aliens and every aspect of the Batman universe. Just because.


Show references

Here are all the articles, people and tools we mentioned during this episode:

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Can Snapchat be saved?

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