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Episode Highlights

(03:26) - Snapchat  is testing a new eCommerce feature 

  • Snapchat is testing a new feature that will allow publishers on their Discover platform to sell items in the Snap Store
  • You can currently purchase Snapchat merch, such as hats and jumpers
  • Will their lenses be part of the shop someday soon?
  • The feature allows users to swipe on a product in a snap, taking them to the store to make their purchase


(04:30) - Snapchat is working on updated spectacles

  • The original product spectacles were sold in vending machines and captured 10-30 seconds of video
  • Snapchat famously made $40 million loss on the first round of spectacles
  • They only sold about 150,000 units, even though they were seemingly well received by critics
  • This may mean that they reduce the units in production this time around
  • They'll be focusing on speed improvements to fix the issues that plagued the first generation
  • The new glasses could have two lenses include a more advanced camera technology than the previous person and cost upwards of $300
  • Snapchat is looking to expand their reach and are rumored to be in talks with Warby Parker and Luxottica, who Richard has never heard of


(07:43) - Instagram is implementing scannable nametags to add your friends

  • It's a Snapchat feature that Instagram was yet to copy, and they're finally getting around to it

  • It's a fun feature and something that could be integrated into your digital marketing campaigns because it will help you easily promote your profile