Why we're more than content with our content marketing results

An increasing number of marketing companies want to do more content marketing and it's easy to see why: since we've been doing it, we've achieved almost 58% increase in conversions.

In this episode, we run through the latest news and our year-to-year content marketing results since we started our content marketing strategy in August 2017.

If you're thinking about doing content marketing, we're hoping our results will inspire you to get started! 

Our results

  • Our contact form inquiries increased by 57.45%
  • We had an increase of 312.5% in phone calls
  • Website traffic remained consistent at about 10.8k between both years


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Factors which contributed to the changes

The results from our previous traffic were fine, but we knew we needed to switch things up to drive traffic.  

Here are some of the things that we did to change things up that contributed to our results:

  • We rewrote our on-page content to be more relevant to our target audience, which is predominantly communications and marketing managers in companies with $30-500k marketing budgets
  • Starting the Bam Creative podcast and producing a large amount of on-page/off-page content around an audience’s needs
  • Optimising the contact form by reducing stages and form fields and to remove inquiries from countries outside of Australia that was spam

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What we're going to do next

The content marketing strategy has been awesome, and it's allowed us to identify opportunities moving forward. 

  • The introduction of minisodes: shorter episodes that focus on actionable steps you can do right now
  • Changing up the format of the longer podcasts to be a relaxed conversation about digital marketing and where things are headed which is a greater focus on ourselves as personalities
  • Changing our social media marketing content to be focused more on valuable tips and reducing the publication of podcast episodes on there
  • Increasing our presence on LinkedIn 


What we learned

Before we started this content marketing strategy, we feared various factors that did not even exist. 

Sure, it takes a lot of time and we're always worried about being perfect but we knew that if we waited for the perfect time, the perfect guest, the perfect content or the perfect plan, we would have no podcast.

This fear is something that we see from our prospects, too.

But we figure you may as well start. The time is going to pass anyway.


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