The iconic twitter bird

Twitter followers; did you notice we just un-followed you, or did you survive the cull? The fact is for many people on Twitter, managing hundreds or thousands of followers and following as many gets to be hard work. We were following 2,300 accounts, and we've just reduced that to 1,780 accounts, a big clean out.

So, how did we arrive it a decision to cull 520 of the people we follow, and what are the lessons in it for you?

We culled plenty of accounts that hadn't been used in 60 days or longer - in fact, we removed accounts that hadn't tweeted since 2009.

Lesson: Keep up the tweets. Stop tweeting for 30 days, and you will appear on automated services such as the one we used as a 'dormant' account.

We removed all but a few accounts that didn't follow us back. Why read your 160 characters, if you're not willing to read ours?

Lesson: Consider following everyone that follows you. It's a nice thing to do, and using lists and client software means you can 'follow' them, but not really see every tweet. It gives followers 'warm fuzzies' to see you follow back.

We deleted a bunch of accounts that looked like 'bots' (Automated systems) or 'spammers' (reposting same post over and over, etc.)

Lesson: don't spend the whole time posting links to your site, and don't just rely on a third party tweet creation or posting system to tweet. Use your mobile or the web interface once in a while to keep that ratio down.

We deleted everyone who didn't have a bio photo.

Lesson: Set your Twitter account up properly; add an image, write a bio, perhaps even play with colours and background graphics. Make the account yours, not something that looks like it was just created.

If we did just un-follow you, sorry. Maybe follow the lessons above, and you'll find that plenty of people will start following you (and we may join that bandwagon, again).

Feel free to follow us (we'll even follow you back!) on twitter. We can be found over at @bamcreative