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Rock the Well Fundraising Concert

Rock the Well

The Challenge

Rock the Well was a fundraising concert organised by a group of passionate staff and students from Thornlie Christian College in hopes of raising money for the Phukmani village in Zimbabwe. Their goal was to raise $10,000 which would supply enough funds to sink a new well in the area and overcome their dire water crisis. When our long time clients Thornlie Christian College contacted Bam Creative for sponsorship, we jumped at the opportunity to lend them support. Our job then was to promote the concert, maximise exposure to the cause, increase awareness and drive ticket sales to bring them closer to their goal of $10,000; all in just two weeks!

Our Solution

After discussing the possibilities, Bam Creative launched a two week online fundraising campaign in support of the Rock the Well Fundraising concert. The campaign included the set up and management of a social media campaign, incorporating both Facebook and Twitter to maximise our reach and promote the event on the client’s behalf. Bam Creative also produced a one page website outlining their cause, goals, information about the concert, and ticket purchasing information.

As a result, the website attracted over 220 visitors, of which 35% were referred from Facebook. The page was shared 43 times by visitors and 6 visitors continued through to purchase tickets.

By contributing in the way that you have, you have displayed to our local community that you are people of integrity, and no matter what issues people face in their journey, you are willing to hold out your hand in friendship to make for an easier path.

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