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Go New Zealand

With breathtaking scenery, snowy mountains and winding roads, New Zealand is the destination of choice for hundreds of thousands of Aussie travellers each year. 

Born out of a love of travel, Go New Zealand was started over 20 years ago to assist Australians in planning the perfect holiday in New Zealand. For the past 10 years Go New Zealand has entrusted Bam Creative with all digital aspects of their business, from branding, to online and social media marketing. Our solid history with the brand has given us a unique opportunity to grow their business based on real data and experience.

2015 Winner | Small Business | Australian Web Awards

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The Go New Zealand website

Clear objectives that adapt to the market

Go New Zealand achieves constant online success through an adaptive approach based on real data. Through a deep understanding of the target audience segments, we're able to reach and communicate deliberately, effectively and quickly. Agility is now the key in the world of the web - an agile process gets great results - fast.

Our approach has seen a massive growth across social media accounts and website traffic, resulting in boosted enquiries and overall brand recognition. Regular reviews of the data ensure that what we do more of what’s working and cull what isn’t.



Go NZ structure


Reaching the right target audience

Specific audience segments are reached via cross-platform campaigns, refining the many tour options to ones that are of interest to them.

The Lord of the Rings campaign included animated advertisements across Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram as the first point of contact. These advertisements lead to a highly visual and welcoming landing page showing the most popular tour options, enticing the visitor to fill out an enquiry form.

Improving the Go New Zealand Experience

Having grown to over 500 tours and booking services, in 2015 Go New Zealand was ready for a refreshed visual direction and website architecture to improve the visitor's experience. Through strong visual imagery, dynamic features and a completely custom tour management system, the new Go New Zealand website drives visitors through to the information they need to book all aspects of their holiday.

Careful planning, best practices, and stringent testing has resulted in a website that works beautifully across modern devices and platforms, of all shapes and sizes.

The right tour for you

A completely custom tours module was created to allow the Go New Zealand staff to easily add and updates information for their 500+ tours. Each tour allows for essential information, an overview, slideshow gallery and expanding itinerary. This tours module was further refined and the user experience greatly optimised in the latest version of the website, quickly providing visitors with all the information they need to book their holiday.

Mobile browsing for travellers on the go

With over 62% of Go New Zealand's audience accessing the website via their devices, a mobile-friendly website was essential to success.

Careful planning, best practices, and stringent testing has resulted in a website that works beautifully across modern devices and platforms, of all shapes and sizes. Bespoke tour pages have been designed and optimised to show the most vital information as quickly as possible, with tour itinerary details just a click away.

Travel inspiration on social media

Instagram and Facebook are fast becoming go-to sources of travel inspiration. Through beautiful imagery and motivating travel quotes, the @go_newzealand Instagram account is used to share the scenery and activities in New Zealand. Multiple images are posted weekly, reaching a visually-driven audience and establishing the Go New Zealand brand as a source of beauty and inspiration.

Instagram for Go 4 Travel Blog & Go New Zealand

Go4 Travel blog


Go 4 Travel Blog

What began as a personal blog for one passionate traveller has grown into a community of authors from all over the world. Every day brings more posts to help fellow explorers learn about the best travel destinations, both on and off the beaten path.

We've updated the website layout and branding as the blog has grown, allowing for many writers and giving the best time to shine in the featured post. Social media has played a crucial role in promoting Go 4 Travel and reaching a wider audience. The Go 4 Travel blog presents the Go New Zealand brand an opportunity to interact with passionate travellers from around the world.

2015 Winner | Personal | Australian Web Awards

The path forward

Through targeted social media campaigns and agile website updates to further improve the user experience, we plan to further develop this exciting brand in years to come.