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MercyCare believe that every person matters and is deserving of compassion and care. They provide aged care and a range of family, health, disability and community services. 

We are proud to continue our decade-long partnership with MercyCare, delivering a brand new website redesign in 2016. This particular project was a highly collaborative effort, developing an interim website before the final design was unveiled. 

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The MercyCare website

A year in the making 

MercyCare approached us shortly after going through comprehensive re-branding. Their focus was to re-establish themselves as the leading provider of aged care and other family and community services through their updated look. We needed to create a design that would communicate the new look, with the importance of the colours taking a backseat to the overall design.

During the project, we changed gears to reskin the design, blending their current brand with their then to-be-unveiled new brand, coming up with an interim design. The project took almost a full year from initial collaboration to design, to a reskin and then back on course to debut the final product.

Blue, grey and back again.

MercyCare took a huge step when it came to their rebrand, and opted to introduce a deep blue colour to their secondry colour palette. Working together with their new softer red as the primary colour, they complemented each other to help tell the story of the new-look MercyCare. 

While we began the design process using both colours, we needed to adapt and remove the blue and other new brand elements to keep the older branding intact, until MercyCare were ready to debut their new vision to the world. 

MercyCare by numbers

We wanted to show just how massive MercyCare is and the impact that they have Australia-wide. Using a sweet little interaction design, we were able to create a this counter on the homepage.


MercyCare by numbers

A news update

Before the interim design, the previous MercyCare website had a news and events section that kept the stories very simple, with articles easily accesible by clicking through to read more. 

Over time, screen sizes have increased, allowing us to redesign the way that news articles and event notices are designed and presented to a user. 

MercyCare constantly share news and events updates, and always have nicely-done images to go with each article. In this design, we took advantage of this and allowed for a move editorial way of presenting news items. 

Old Mercy Care News
New Mercy Care News


The new design allows for editing and uploading news and events content the same way as before, which allows the staff of MercyCare to easily update on the fly. 

The added bonus is that now they can let more of their content shine, by displaying featured images and allowing for a more engaging experience. 

The case for a collaborative design

We are extremely proud of this project, especially in the communication between ourselves and the excellent people at MercyCare. Together, we created something that can grow and change along with them. 


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