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Young Carers WA

We've partnered with Carers WA since 2010 on multiple award-winning projects. The Young Carers WA website is the latest to launch with a fresh new look. 

Young Carers WA is an organisation that provides support for young people who are responsible for providing care to a family member.

Taking into consideration the high level of responsibility of a young carer, we set out to create a welcoming and vibrant experience, with key information readily available.

The biggest challenge of the project was to create a brand presence that appealed to and engaged a diverse target audience that spanned across many ages, while also responding to the unique needs of the young carers and their families.

A new vision

We were able to take full advantage of the Young Carers WA vibrant brand colours in the new website design. We applied the colour palette to highlight key areas and create a consistent user experience, guiding the audience, and complementing the brand identity.

Their logo incorporates a circular motif, which is carried throughout the create the visual consistency and soften the feel of the design. The circular shapes enabled the design to have a fun and inviting feel, helping create a dynamic presentation.

Young Carers WA website

A complete content overhaul

The project also included a website architecture review and overhaul. Content and resources were restructured so that they would be easier to find. 

We designed an area of featured services, encouraging further exploration by the user to find the information that connects with their needs.

Our approach has seen a massive growth across their social media accounts and website traffic, resulting in boosted enquiries, and overall brand recognition. Regular reviews of the data ensure that what we do more of what’s working and cull what isn’t.



Bringing the design to life

We've incorporated animation and transitions throughout the website on various elements to add to a fun and delightful experience as the user interacts with the elements on the website. 


A concept for change

During the planning phase, we experimented with grouping information by age group to cater for the different demographics and assessing the language used for each. Through exploration, we discovered that the needs and requirements of a young carer are ultimately the same, despite their age. We designed an area of featured services, encouraging further exploration by the user to find the information that connects with their needs.

Keeping up to to date

An engaging blog page design was created to keep the audience up to date, and browse news at their leisure. The Young Carers WA team are able to easily upload and edit any blog posts, as well as publishing comprehensive event details.

Quick information wherever you are

Young Carers WA provides information and resources that needs to be easily accessed any time and from any device. The design for both desktop and mobile were as important as each other.

Great care was taken to ensure that the most vital information was accessed as quickly as possible, with contact details just a click away.

Ready to explore

The final result is a fresh and fun online resource for Young Carers WA with a welcoming experience, inviting users to explore and engage.